Anthony & Cindi Holland
Paraguay’s president has humbled himself and led his cabinet to do the same. He received instructions from our host missionary and other Christian advisors. He read these messages and scriptures publicly. He was ridiculed by the press but has stood firm and told the people God is in control in Paraguay. We have the lowest number of cases and deaths in all of South America. This week over 400 have been tested and for the first time there are 0 new cases!!

We are hearing about this all over the world. Have those you know pray about something revealed and confirmed to more than one of us tonight. We have been praying and fasting since Monday as a group. We saw a worldly king taking his crown off before a little child and bowing to him. 

The interpretation was that leaders must take of their crowns before Jesus and admit it that they do not know what to do do right now. Their god of science has failed them. The leaders who do this will get directions straight from heaven and will be able to reopen their countries safely

The picture to the right is our disciple Kathryn Sharing God's word through this lockdown.  We are so honored to have great leaders like Catherine to continue the work in Kenya.  No matter what, the Kingdom of God advances.

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