The Robertson Family
A story by Alan  Robertson

With so many people out of work, there a lot of families needing basic things just to get by. So my wife and I have been praying at home for God to show us a person, an address, or a place where someone needs groceries. Then we go out and buy groceries for them. 

Last week we had an address that didn't show up on the map, so we headed out to the general area to find it. On the way, we stopped at the store. We ran into a Romanian missionary who has 5 children, and chatted for awhile (through our masks and at a distance, of course)! 

When we got to the address, it turned out the building we were looking for was where our friend from Romania lived! We had no idea until we got there. So we laughed and prayed for their family. Its great to see how God is good in the little things, how He brings His kids together under the oddest circumstances! 

So we're going to keep learning to listen for His voice, and be ready for whatever He has planned for us on a daily basis.