Anthony & Cindi Holland
We came to Paraquay for a 4 week mission to teach REAP 1 in a missionary training school that has now turned into 4 months with 4 students & 4 staff as the world situation prevented people from other nations from attending. Our mission has not been in vain as we have not only been able to teach but to disciple as we do with our African team on spiritual foundations. 

Because borders are closed here & in Kenya, we have no clue as to when we will return. But GTG, the REAP Team has not shut up, let up or given up. Ministry continues with evangelism and individual training & teaching as groups are forbidden. 

To date 30 home church fellowships have been initiated as we continue to tell people the Church is not closed, buildings are. 7 of 9 salaried team members report from 3/1- 5/15 reaching 2,162 souls --1,264 men, 898 women. Of these, 812 total received Jesus as their Lord & Savior -- 446 men, 376 women.  

The good coming from the global shut down is that people are letting down their walls and listening to truth. The Lord said "the harvest is plentiful (yes), but the workers are few." (Yes yes). Join us in asking the Lord of the harvest for more workers praying Ps.91 over them; and that they are in the right place at the right time boldly sharing the need of repentance, righteousness & redemption to the right people. Ask mercy for the innocent. 

The Nations will surely need it to recover & restore from the economic disaster in progress.