International Gospel Outreach
We do this by Training Missionaries, Educating Local Churches and providing services to the Body of Christ on Mission.

JULY 1, 2020

In this Issue…

  • Jay & Christen Boggs - serving in the IGO Headquarters
  • Terry & Edith Elbin, long distance ministry in the Philippines.
  • Rich & Rhonda Hanssen, Great ministry in Germany and Europe.
  • Anthony & Cindi Holland, Continued ministry in Paraguay and Kenya
  • Scott & Annette Ingram, prayer needs in Mexico
  • Richard Martin, pics from the Dominican Republic
  • Jim & Mary Mather, International Student Ministry update.
  • Rick & Crystal Parker, Ministry to Mexico.

So much is happening around the world in these difficult days. Our missionaries are working constantly to bring the good news, to minister to real needs and to serve the Body of Christ world-wide. Even when things are shut down.

In this issue, I am asking our friends and partners to pray for some very specific things – and very specific people.

The Cuban people are having a difficult time finding food available in the marketplace. We are getting requests daily for help for just the basics such as rice, beans and a few other veggies. Nothing is available to buy for most. We have been able to find a deal to have small amounts of food shipped in, and delivered to the door of our nationals there, please consider helping provide for these warm and hard-working people. Pray with us that God will make a miraculous supply for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Other places that are suffering on an epic scale during this pandemic are:

India - Living Hope Ministries - Pray for the Children’s Home, the Slum School, and the team of workers in the daily battle to feed and preach the Gospel.
Uganda - Robert Kaahwa Ministries – Pray for enough food to feed the children in the Children’s Center, and that there would be food available daily to the people in and around Masindi.
More News from the field
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Anthony & Cindi Holland
Ricky & Crystal Parker

Rich & Rhonda Hanssen

Richard Martin
Terry & 

Scott & Annette Ingram

Click on the ONLINE VIDEO link to see Edith speaking to the church in the Philippines.
Jim & Mary Mather
Friends of Internationals

Dr. James G. Graham
President, IGO
Welcome Aboard
Welcome aboard 
new IGO Missionary
Adam Lineberry
Jay & Christen Boggs