International Gospel Outreach
We do this by Training Missionaries, Educating Local Churches and providing services to the Body of Christ on Mission.

More News from the field
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Anthony & Cindi Holland
Jim & Mary Mather
Friends of Internationals

Jay & Christen Boggs
Adam Lineberry

There is an old joke that says: “I been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger!”  And it is true!! The last month at IGO has been full speed ahead, clear the decks and hang on for dear life!

Let me share some of this amazing stuff with you.

1.Jay Boggs and his Team pulled off an amazing fund raiser Yard Sale. People from all over our area donated furniture, antiques, toys, household items, clothes and things I cannot even begin to figure out. We were able to raise about $3,000 for the Home Office Repair Project. (Our sewage lift system is going out, and must be completely replaced before it fails entirely.  

Another repair item we are working on is the replacement of a 21-year-old central air unit for the west side of the office. The cost for both is estimated at $15,000 USD. Please pray with us that we can raise enough soon to replace the sewage system. If it fails, we will have to close the headquarters office until we can get it repaired.

2.Missionaries are getting back to the field.  Terry and Edith Elbin, Glen and Denise Ellerbe and Richard Martin have all made it back to their respective countries of service.  Anthony and Cindi Holland are headed to the USA in September as they wait for the Lord to speak about next steps. Their accidentally extended mission trip to Paraguay turned into a seven-month discipleship movement.
Glen & Denise Ellerbe
3.Adam Lineberry is starting his 3rd month of his cross-country bike ride. (bicycle, not motorcycle). Starting in Seattle WA, he has made it through Colorado and is headed south-east. He has met people from all walks of life, and is sharing his own powerful story of recovery from addiction. You can click on his link below and enjoy some of his VLOG on YouTube.

4.COMMISSION BIBLE COLLEGE, our on-line Bible College has launched its first class. “Spiritual Parenting” from our missionary training school. If you are interested, let me know, we can hook you up! We hope to have our entire missionary training curriculum up by January. Many thanks to Anthony Cummings for the hours and expertise in bringing it all together.

5. FOI - Friends of Internationals has been blessed to get some long needed help. 2 families have moved to Mobile to be International Student Missionaries at the University of South Alabama along side Jim and Mary.

Pray for all of these people, and for us here at the Home Office – it is clear – that there are fruitful days ahead all over. All of us need your partnership in prayer and in gifts. Because of you – we go TO ALL NATIONS.

Dr. James G. Graham
President, International Gospel Outreach
Brian & Charity Scott

Richard Martin

Michael & Linda Robertson
James & Sharlene Graham