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We do this by Training Missionaries, Educating Local Churches and providing services to the Body of Christ on Mission.

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“The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity." 
– Mike Stachura

I have heard this quote for years... it is powerful.  It speaks loudly to the idea that mega is better.  It seems to be the whip that we use when we address churches that have no missional engagement.  I know, because I have done it.

It might make us sound spiritual to some... or angry to others.  But for me it is a reminder.  A reminder that the task is FAR from over.  In the last few years there seems to have been a shift.  The number of full time missionaries has decreased dramatically.  Yet, the number of short term mission trips has INCREASED EXPONENTIALLY.  Over 300%!

​Now that might sound like good news.  And it really is.  Because out of short term mission trips comes full time missionaries.  But I still feel like we might be missing something.  It appears that while many churches still do missions at some level, they have neglected the real work of missions.  Making genuine disciples.

Are we actually making disciples, creating community and helping those around us find their place in God's Kingdom as it relates to them... and not just how they fit into our local church?

So, please hear my heart is all this, please remember - "And how will they preach unless they are commissioned and sent [for that purpose]?"
Romans 10:15 AMP

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More ways to serve

International Gospel Outreach has always been, and will always be a serving organization.  We serve through helping local churches to train, send and support their missionaries, by providing a place for church leaders to belong and connect with other church leaders (Global Fellowship), through leadership development and coaching.

Now we are launching another part of our dream,  to provide quality theological education to our members, friends and partners.  This will be our launch into the virtual world of continuing education.  The entire full degree program will be on line, beginning in January.

The first year enrollment is going to be limited, and for those who register before December 5, there will be a significant discount on the first year of classes.

For more information, contact:
Commission Bible College Director
Anthony Cummings