Greetings Dear Partners & Friends!
We’re thankful to say we’re in America now after our 7 month 
lockdown in Paraguay for a 3 1/2 week mission! In August, we 
began sensing in our spirits it was time to move on and we began 
our search for options.

Our primary quest was to return to Kenya before furlough, but that 
desire was quenched as we tried to get flights there to no avail along 
with needing a covid test AND doing a 2 week quarantine if any 
came up. No thank you!!

So we pursued booking a repatriation flight from Asuncion to Miami 
that showed up online. Turns out it was the only flight scheduled in 
the closed borders of Paraguay. This outlet confirmed what we had heard from 3 unrelated friends about having a “window of time” to depart. 

It was difficult to not see our Kenyan team as well as to leave the Paraguayan group that we discipled and actually became like family with. But it was the right thing to do. We had family & friends and expected plans awaiting in America to include the honor of pronouncing the vows of matrimony for a niece Oct. 10th.

Covid restrictions kept our team in Kenya from doing classes & missions, but the ministry never shut down from doing Kingdom work! One to one outreach happened daily & there were continuous salvations, healings, miraculous interventions and new contacts ongoing. We’ve loved watching our team “spread their wings and fly” as they’ve walked in & worked out the challenges of directing ministry without our direct intervention.

Praise the Lord for His guidance to train & equip our team thru one on one discipleship over the years. When the challenges came, they confidently told us: “No problem! You trained us well. We can do this!” Blessed peace embraced us as we observed it to be so.

We also give God glory as our service in Paraguay is bearing fruit as the disciples send notes & pics of their ministry DOING as they were taught in their Spiritual Foundational classes & in evangelism training. Though small in size, we believe scripture to never doubt 
small beginnings!

As this report is written, our first outreach mission of 2020 is 
happening in northern Kenya among the Turkana people. We 
sent 4 core missionaries - Zaddock, Cathrine, Isack and Beatrice 
to join with the local team leader, David Otiende and his disciples, 
for a 10 day outreach with UN-reached people as well as to have 
topical teaching with the local team of disciples. 

We’re receiving great reports and pics that will tell the success 
story. These missions to nations require much prayer and 
planning as we have to get there (northern Kenya is a semi-arid frontier -3 days drive from Nairobi), we must carry all bulk item food, all drinking water, organize for housing, cooks & transport. Lastly, the villages targeted to evangelize require meeting a proper protocol by having permission from the local chief to enter the village. 

Jesus said: “...this joyful assurance of the realm of heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed all over the world, providing every nation with a demonstration of the reality of God. And after this the end of this age will arrive.” Matt. 24:14 TPT 

We need prayer, dedicated, qualified workers and financing for fulfilling these ends of the earth missions. We and team thank you in advance for your help and participation in helping us.

Turkana Mission
Below is a general report from the team about the Turkana Mission. Individual missionary reports & pics can be seen on their page. Just press their photo to transfer to it. Expect that you will be blessed learning what Holy Spirit is doing in His East African fields.

Team Katilu, Turkana sent this General Report...
We are so grateful again for what the Lord is accomplishing through us. And we are witnesses of the promise that He will Never leave us nor forsake us as we do kingdom work . 

Since we entered Katilu last week we have seen God glorifying his name. Hearts are really thirsting for the truth after a period of not being in church buildings for a period of six month. This has brought the realization that church is not a building but individually and corporately no matter where you are. 

It has been very timely with the teachings we have been doing on “Priesthood of all Believers.” Due to this teaching in this area we have seen souls call upon the Lord with repentance with a lot of tears as they have confessed to having realized that they have lived in a cloud of deception for a long time. 

As a result, people rejoiced because of walls of heresy and divisions being broken. Testimonies have come from the leaders that they have not been able to disciple as required and this has led to lack of role models especially in the area of Evangelism and missions. 

It’s the joy of the people to know that every believer has access to expand the kingdom through serving and representing themselves before God. As a result of truth being revealed, people have embraced the teaching in Acts 1:8, this opening their eyes to see that when God’s Power comes upon a believer they are never the same.

We are witnesses of this happening in Katilu where believers have known that a priest is God’s messager declaring God’s voice, turning people away from sin to God’s kingdom. Thanking God for this practical teachings which has resulted to willing hearts more than never before. 

People have been volunteering to go for door to door, heal the sick and cast out demons, thus declaring God’s kingdom personally. Due to this, having started with 30 on the first day, the number of those desiring to learn has increased everyday more than we expected. 

During Evangelism exercise we have seen people delivered from traditions of men. In one place a seventy plus years old man testified to have experienced joy and hope that was not normal. He believed in the god of his forefathers who used to pray in the mountains, but having shared the story of the Samaritan woman, it appropriated his life hence confessing that where he was sitted during evangelism, the true God was together with him. The man said it was this true God who he wants to be with him even when grazing his goats. 

In another case, a man of middle age said to understand that heaven and hell differs only because the white man represents heaven and the black man represents hell. He added that Jesus is moreso represented in all Christian movies as a white man. We shared the word of God that shed all the lights to deliver such a soul from this kind of false thinking.

In another case a child of 10 years was healed after having had a very high fever which disappeared imediately after speaking healing prayers. Another man was healed in his eyes after staying for a long time with pain. He received instant healing after accepting Christ and there after accompanied the team to the town center where he said had missed for all that time due to his eyes problem. 

In another case having lost 6 children at a go, this lady filled with bitterness said that if God is real she wanted her children back. To such a soul only the word comforted her and gave freedom through Jesus Christ.

During Sunday service there was a wave of revival as people cried unto the Lord with a strong desire of wanting to live with the truth especially in the area of serving others. With repentance they cried to take a new turn to live a holy life. Our faith too has been raised and we are eagerly looking forward to what God is accomplishing in this region and the surrounding areas.

In Christ’s love & Service,
Cindi & Anthony Holland & REAP Team
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