Looking back over years of service o the Lord and His call on our lives, Discipleship is the most important work we have done.

 Bertist described what he saw us doing as door to door discipleship, I would add catch and release. Out of all the people we have been able to disciple,or churches that we have planted, our goal was to release them into various ministries. So today there are hundreds of disciples making disciples and dozens of churches that have spun out of those disciples.

  I have many times thought we should have held on to them and formed networks, but that's not what we were lead to do at least not yet.

 If they ask us for help we are more than willing but we have released them to their ministries. The next important ministry is prayer much times has been given to praying for the nations, cities, and villages we must press on.

 I believe we have much yet to do for the Lord.

 Thanks for praying for us.