Jesus is Lord!

This morning I am delighted to send you our christian greetings and encouragement.

Today the world is seriously disturbed by the pandemic covid-19.  This Psalms 91 is one of the scriptures as well as Romans 8::35,37-39 encouraging us during these days.
I have read your notice that "IGO Office is also closed" due to the pandemic. 

Rwanda has been also touched as other countries of the globe. Things seem to be paralyzed such as world air transportation is banned, but we believe prayers open closed doors.

In our country, all measures/ strategies taken for protection by our Ministry of Health and International Instructions, are respected and actually 110 people are quarantined and no death and 7 were reported to recover.  

The investigations for the people who had any contact with the person contaminated,continue.  Schools, churches (prayers are done at home, and these measures -notice started from March 13, 2020 to 19th April 2020). Shops, 

Public offices all are closed but only some businesses regarding food stores, banks, pharmacies,clinics are allowed to open for the public. Staying at home, no bus, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles, distancing of the people, at least 1 meter, washing of hands (almost in all places faucets are found) with the soap and other alcoholic products.
We continue to pray God for this situation.  

May our heavenly Father be with you. 

Rev. Nzabonantuma Puers
Rev. Nzabonantuma Puers